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Организация «Почта Деда Мороза» это совершенно новые услуги в России. Конечно идея существует с 2006 года и принадлежит почте России, но у нашей компании есть больше шансов завоевать рынок таких услуг. Совершенно новая организация с молодым персоналом свежими взглядами на бизнес.

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Работая с нами и нашими партнерами, Вы всегда можете быть уверены в грамотном и вежливом обслуживании, быстроте и точности исполнения заказов, высоком качестве продукции. Мы будем рады видеть Вас среди наших клиентов.Companycompany The Internet-Shop has started working in 1999. From the very beginning our goal was always to meet the growing demand for auto parts and accessories among our customers in Russia. The implemented Internet technologies on our website make the buying process as simple and fast as possible. The development of our company was fast, and now, when we are the one of the leaders on this market, we also are not at a stop. The project is based on: the newest information technologies, own-developed software, the analytic and statistic market data gathered from year to year, the highly qualified staff and an effective franchising system. We do our best to ensure we meet all your needs. we offer our customers:most perfect online system for searching and ordering spare parts

· The extensive online catalogue of auto parts for European, Japanese and Korean cars

· Various possibilities for online searching needed spare parts: query by vehicle ID (VIN) or part number, through illustrated catalogues

· The comprehensive information about any spare part you search: availability of interchangeable parts by different manufacturers, applicability, prices and delivery times

Huge range of spares

· Our price lists contain 26 million items of original and non-original auto spare parts and accessories from 1200 leading manufacturers

· Spare parts for tuning and special automotive vehicles.

· We were the first company to introduce spare parts of AJUSA, NK, MAPCO, MEYLE on the Russian market.

· We cooperate with more than 300 suppliers in Europe and the UAE.

Individual customer service

· Every customer has his own manager who controls the whole supply chain - from placing an order until its receipt.

· Completely automated control system for customers to monitor the execution of their orders online including: the payment for the order, its delivery and shipment

· Notifying by any suitable means: via SMS, E-mail, through Internet-Shop.

· Quick workflow and every suitable method of payment.

The whole network of our representative offices all over Russia

· 182 regional affiliates.

· More than 1000 corporate customers from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok

· Minimal delivery times of orders by suitable means of transport (auto, air, rail or by courier service) to more than 200 destinations in Russia

When working with us and our partners you always can be assured of professional, helpful and polite service, quick and precise execution of orders, high quality of spare parts We would be glad to see you among our clients! faithfully, Team of

Über das UnternehmenInternet-Shop hat seine Arbeit im Jahre 1999 aufgenommen. Ganz von Anfang an wares unser Ziel, unseren Kunden eine möglichst breite Palette von Autoersatzteilen und Zubehör anzubieten. Die Entwicklung von Internet-Technologien hat uns eine Möglichkeit gegeben, den Kaufprozeß maximal zu erleichtern und zu beschleunigen. Unsere Firma hatte stets eine schnelle Entwicklung hinter sich, und jetzt zählt sie zu den führenden Firmen auf diesem Markt. Wir aber legen unsere Hände nicht in den Schoß. Dem Projekt liegen zugrunde: die modernsten Informationstechnologien, eigene Software-Entwicklungen, von Jahr zu Jahr angesammelte analytische und statistische Marktdaten, hochqualifiziertes Personal und effektives Franchisesystem. Wir tun also unser Bestes, damit Sie mit unserer Arbeit zufrieden sind.

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